1. trixidela said: Hi there, I'm a 20 years old asian CD from Montreal. You look gorgeous! Would be nice to webcam with you while we're both dressed :)

    That would be so much fun!

  2. joethelowone said: Are you in a relationship? If not are you looking to be?

    No relationship - waiting for the right person :)

  3. Anonymous said: Do you still crossdress?

    All the time. Facebook me!

  4. Anonymous said: Are you still an anal virgin?

    yes I am… only beads and dildos have been inside me

  5. a-secretdesire said: Thanks for the follow, this is the hottest blog I've seen for a long time ;) x

    Thank you so much!!! I love your blog too - I post most of my photos on but I just love the community on tumblr. I’m planning on posting more soon too

  6. Undressing alice


  7. s2dio-deactivated20130913 said: i'd love to draw you...

    please draw away hehe… anything you’d like to see?

  8. audreybabe4u-deactivated2013062 said: You are sexy as fuck,
    wanna get kinky? (;

    I’d LOVE to get kinky with you!

  9. Slutty Alice and her dress is falling down


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  11. absolute perfection


    This is new model Ryder Monroe. She is a way cool chick and has a perfect fuckable ass !!! Check out her site at Trust me, keep an eye on her !!!

    (via havahardt-deactivated20131025)

  12. yep she’s trans